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The Earth/Art Program
because it's time to come home

Align with your higher self. Find your voice. Come home to your creativity.

You know you have an epic creative power. You can feel it. You've always been able to feel it. You want to access it, to write your book, do your art, but you can't seem to connect with it. You want to be an agent of change, but you can't seem to find and hold onto your soulful intent.


The single most important thing I do as a book coach and as a creativity coach is help people align with their creative power, their higher truth, their core beliefs, and with their authentic voices. Find that alignment and all forms of creative successes follow. Suddenly, the level of energy and giftedness comes to the fore, and all things again seem possible. Clients write their books and win awards. They become singers and drop their first singles. They take up art after having given it up as a child, and have gallery shows. They find their purpose as healers, and agents of change. 

The three-part E(art)h program guides you through the stages of opening to your powerful creativity, with exercises I have honed through 19 years as a coach, working with people from all walks of life, all over the world. It is based on the years I spent re-finding my own creative power to become an award-winning novelist and visual artist.  

Month 1:
What did you love as a child?
What is your personal mythology? 
What about space and time?
Month 2:
What are your core values?
What do you think about artists?
How can you be a visionary for your own life?
Month 3:
How can you connect with your heroes?
How do you access your higher self?
What is your plan?