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The Expat Creative Writer walks you step by step through a writing process that will transform your life. This program is open to enrollment. Scroll down to register. 


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The World

I'm relaunching this course just as the world is going into lockdown over the coronavirus. I believe it's more important than ever to focus on our self-development and on community. It's easy to fall into fear now. With this course, my intent is to offer an alternative to fear. My purpose is to help you engage your creativity, spirit, and hope. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

The Program

I love helping new writers find their authentic creativity, unearth their natural literary voices, and tell their stories. I love helping writers heal themselves and be the change they wish to see in the world. I live by the core values of creativity, contribution, authenticity, and purpose and use these to help you thrive as a writer. 

  • Learn the practical elements of professional writing, while exploring how to nurture and empower your innate creativity.

  • Focus on writing one story that can be used in a memoir, self-help book, or novel.

  • Explore professional writing techniques -- characterization, setting, plot, theme, and structure.

  • Engage, strengthen, and empower your creativity  -- explore core values, setting intention, dealing with creative blocks, and more.

  • Join an online forum to share insights. (Please note, this reduced-price course does not include one-on-one sessions with a coach.)

“The meaning of life is to find your gift,
the purpose of life is to give it away." - Picasso

Designed for expats like you

  • Be the writer you've craved to become your entire life. There is an urgent call for all of us to fulfill our passions and make a difference, wherever we are on the planet. 

  • Be empowered by taking control of your creative life. Sometimes as expats we can feel disempowered; we can't get a visa to work, or we don't know how long we'll be in the current country, or cultural differences leave us confused and lost. Take back your power and create a writing practice that provides consistency no matter where you live. 

  • Be a unique voice. The expat lifestyle creates growth and evolution unlike any other lifestyle. Bring that unique voice to the world. 

  • Be purpose-driven during your globally mobile lifestyle. 

  • Belong to an expat writer community. As expats we can feel isolated. Find a sense of community here. 

  • Be the author of your own life. You can write your own abundant life story. 

  • Be heard and seen. Sometimes our expat stories go unheard by those who cannot fathom the lifestyle. It's your turn to be heard. 

  • Be an agent of change. Your writing could change  your life and change the world. Your voice is needed! 

  • Be at home. As an former expat myself, I know that when we move from country to country we can feel homeless. You can find home inside yourself through writing. 

  • Be.  Part of this globally mobile path can result in questioning your identity. Who am I?  Find that identity through telling your stories.

Led by someone who has walked the expat path 

  • A former expat who has experienced both expat life and repatriation, I have coached and taught hundreds of writers, helping them write their books, and get published. My passion and calling is around helping emerging writers excavate their authentic expression, and teaching them how to fully live the literary lifestyle. I marry this passion with a lifetime of professional writing experience.

  • In my first career, I was an award-winning international journalist who worked in newsrooms in Tokyo, throughout Asia, and in London (Financial Times, the Independent), and I've traveled extensively. 

  • An award-winning novelist, I have three books published, a series that chronicles an expat journey, following a protagonist as she leaves behind her rural roots, travels the world in search of purpose, and comes back home again. 

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Please note: If you want feedback on an existing manuscript, coaching is a better option for you. Please email me for coaching information.



Pay for Full Course 

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Monthly installments

$255 per month for two months
After payment, I will email you the links and passwords to access the first-half of the course. 

Podcast: On Being a Creative Expat

Listen to expat podcaster Sundae Bean interview me on being a creative expat.

Podcast: On Being an Expat Book Coach

Listen to expat pdocaster Lindsey McLean interview me on being an expat book coach and repatriation.

Katia Vlachos, author of:

A Great Move

Caroline Allen..put her heart and soul -- in addition to her incredible writing skills and insight -- into my book project.

Ellen Finn, author of:
Emotional Witness

My writing skills have soared. Caroline listens carefully and asks questions that help me access deep insights.

SJB, former Singapore expat, author of upcoming book on slashing student debt

Caroline is an immense support with brainstorming, generating story ideas, and editing.

My Novels

One protagonist, five books, a search across the globe for self acceptance and a sense of purpose. Three of the novels in the Elemental Journey Series are published. All three went on to win Independent Publishers awards. WATER, the fourth novel in the series, is in progress. Click each novel to learn more. 
Pearl begins her journey, as many of us do, rooted in the traditions of her ancestors...
She uproots herself to move to Tokyo, where she lives floating above the culture.
CA_fire_3Dcover04 (1).png
She travels across Asia, and lives in London, where she must die to her old self so a new self can be born.

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